Don't reinvent the Wheel

Every AEM Project has to start somewhere. Give your AEM project implementation a head start with tools and additional functionality from headwire.

AEM Solr Search

Need a search solution for your AEM project? AEM Solr Search connects your AEM content to Apache Solr for a fast and robust search experience.

Solr can also improve AEM query performance and act as a data store between your AEM instance and external databases.

Supported AEM versions: AEM5.6, AEM6, AEM6.1, AEM6.2

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AEM IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

Using IntelliJ on a regular basis for your AEM development? Enjoy the same features that Adobe's plugin provides Eclipse users in your preferred development environment. Automatically sync files between AEM and IntelliJ, export nodes modified in AEM into your project, and hot swap classes from your bundles.

In addition, the plugin features all functionality from the AEM Developer Companion to scaffold your projects and accelerate your AEM development.

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AEM Developer Companion

AEMDC is a scaffolding tool to create common source files in your project from well defined templates. Its focus is to help developers use common patterns for AEM in a consistent manner and to accelerate your AEM development.

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CQ Blueprints

CQ Blueprints is a site provided by headwire for the AEM community with tips, tricks and guidance for your AEM projects.